Getting Started with Corona SDK

Corona SDK is a cross-platform, comfortable and very easy tool for those who want to make stunning mobile games and apps quickly and easily. Its free to use but you have to buy it before releasing apps. It’s so easy that a child having a little knowledge in programming and graphics can use it. So, let’s see what’s in it?

  • Corona SDK use Box2D as their physics engine.
  • OpenGL is used as the graphics library.
  • Front end Coding is done by a lightweight language called ‘LUA’ which supports OOP.
  • Corona can build apps for IPhone, IPad, Android, Tablets, Nexus from same codebase. So, code one, run in all.
  • Provides nice support for big screen devices.

Do you want to make something cool with Corona SDK? If you are positive follow these steps.

  1. At first you have to download Corona SDK. Its free to download, but you have to register. Here is the link.
  1. Install it and Run.
  2. Give your registration information and select ‘Continue Trial’.
  3. Your simulator is ready.

There are two parts in the simulator.

One is the Command screen where you will be able to see the output and errors of your program. Another one will display your application in a mobile screen.


Now you are ready to say Hello to the world.

To make a project with Corona SDK, you have to make a project folder having a main file called main.lua and start the application coding from here.  To make your first project follow these steps.

1. Create a folder in any where with your application name.

2. Create a text file there and rename it to main.lua.

3. Open the file and write

print(“Hello World”);

4. From the Mobile phone interface of simulator open this file with file browser.

5. Now take a look in the black screen and you will notice a “Hello World” text has appeared there.

There are many editors you can use. I use Geany ( myself.

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