Bangla NLP resource

N-gram Tokenization for Indian Language Text Retrieval
Token classification using Bengali Tokenizer
Polyglot : A natural language pipeline that supports massive multilingual applications
A Hybrid Model for Part-of-Speech Tagging and its Application to Bengali
Bengali parts-of-speech tagging using Global Linear Model
Lexicon Development and POS Tagging using a Tagged Bengali News Corpus
Unsupervised Parts-of-Speech Induction for Bengali
A practical part-of-speech tagger for Bengali
Word to Sentence Level Emotion Tagging for Bengali Blogs
Maximum Entropy Based Bengali Part of Speech Tagging
Automatic Extraction of Multiword Expressions in Bengali: An Approach for Miserly Resource Scenarios

Layered Parts of Speech Tagging for Bangla
Grapheme to Phoneme Conversion in Bengali for Festival based TTS Framework
Specific Features of a Converter of Web Documents from Bengali to Universal Networking Language
A Phrasal EBMT System for Translating English to Bengali
Design of a Rule-based Stemmer for Natural Language Text in Bengali
A Hidden Markov Model Based Named Entity Recognition System: Bengali and Hindi as Case Study
Mum and Dad prefer me to speak Bengali at home: code switching and parallel speech in a primary school setting
Parsing Bengali Text - an Intelligent Approach
Morphological Stemming Cluster Identification for Bangla
An Optimal Way of Machine Translation from English to Bengali
A Bengali Speech Synthesizer on Android OS
Developing Bengali WordNet Affect for Analyzing Emotion
Part of Speech Tagging for Bengali with Hidden Markov Model
HMM based POS Tagger and Rule-based Chunker for Bengali

Comparison of different POS Tagging Techniques (?-Gram, HMM and Brill’s tagger) for Bangla

Classification of Verbs - Towards Developing a Bengali Verb Subcate- gorization Lexicon
Parsing Bengali text: An intelligent approach

Unsupervised morphological parsing of Bengali
Automatic Extraction of Complex Predicates in Bengali

Developing a Computational Grammar for Bengali Using the HPSG Formalism

Grammar Driven Rules for Hybrid Bengali Dependency Parsing



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